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Pilot Supplies

The Wood County Regional Airport offers customers a full range of student pilot through CFI training books, charts,and materials. If you require a chart that is not highlighted below please feel free to call one of our line service employees and we will place an order for a timely pick-up.  Scroll down the page for a complete look at the products we offer.


Low Enroute


Approach Plates


Reference Books and Guides


Private Pilot

Instrument Pilot

Commercial Pilot

Fundamentals of Instructing

Flight / Ground Instructor

Airman Certification Standards

Private Pilot Airplane

Instrument Rating Airplane

Practical Test Standards:

Commercial Pilot for Airplane Single-and Multi-Engine Land and Sea

Flight Instructor for Airplane Single-Engine Land and Sea

Flight Instructor for Airplane Multi-Engine Land and Sea

Flight Instructor Instrument for Airplane and Helicopter


Oral Exam Guides:





Certified Flight Instructor

Reference Books:


Instrument Procedures Handbook

Instrument Flying Handbook

Risk Management Handbook

Airplane Flying Handbook

Aviation Instructor’s Handbook

Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

The Advanced Pilot’s Flight Manual


Pilot / Aircraft Supply Listing


KB-1 VFR Kneeboard

KB-2 IFR Kneeboard

KB-3 Tri-Fold Kneeboard (VFR)

KB-3I Tri-Fold Kneeboard (IFR)


ASA-SP-30 The Standard Pilot Logbook

Jeppesen Pilot Logbook

 The Standard Propeller Log

Flight Planning:

E6-B Flight Computer

CP-1 Fixed Plotter

IFR Flight File (Chart Planner and Organizer)

Aircraft Supplies:

AVL- Dice Flash 190 (fuel system icing inhibitor)

Aero Shell Aviation Oil W 15W-50



Fuel Prices

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