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City of Bowling Green Ohio

Hangar/ Tie Down

General aviation hangar space is available in various forms: One heated corporate group hangar and twenty individual T-Hangars.  Land leases are available adjacent to taxiways for construction of both general and corporate hangars.


Multi-Purpose Hangar

80’ x 100’ hangar: space available for rent.

 Rate dependent on aircraft size. 

Restroom w/ shower adjacent to office.


These hangars are all metal construction, individually secured, cement floors, and have electrically-operated bi-fold doors. 44’ wide opening.

Limited availability, $205 per month.

We currently do not have any open T-Hangars.

Call us at 419-354-2908 if you are interested.


Tie – Downs available upon request in Terminal building.

Overnight Tie-Down Fees

        • $3.00   - Single engine piston aircraft
        • $5.00   - Multi engine piston aircraft
        • $10.00 - Single engine turboprop
        • $15.00 - Multi engine turboprop
        • $20.00 - Jet
        • Overnight fees waived with fuel purchase

Ramp Fee: None

Landing Fee: None






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